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It is therefore always worth considering whether it would be better for the main cardholder to use their card for purchases, especially if they are for large amounts of money, so that you are sure to be protected under Section 75.
Apart from the discount promotions, UnionPay's partner merchants are also focused on improving their service offering to UnionPay cardholders, including enhancing cashier systems and setting up "Welcome UnionPay" signs in store areas, as well as exclusive benefits and service upgrades are available for premium UnionPay cardholders at selected locations.
MasterCard and NBAD have collaborated on numerous promotions throughout the years to make cardholders travels more memorable by rewarding them with luxury cars and exceptional vacation packages for their overseas purchases.
All Visa cardholders will continue to benefit from cross industry expertise resulting in secure payment products while rewarding cardholders for incorporating Visa into their daily lives.
To use the service, Discover cardholders simply download a small program that launches whenever they check out online.
American Express also argued that two previous Tax Court decisions supported the argument that its credit card fees represented amounts paid for services, since the company gave cardholders prorated refunds when they canceled the card during the year.
The credit card holder agrees under the issuer's cardholder agreement to reimburse the issuer for any amounts the cardholder charges on its credit card.
26) Ausubel recognizes cardholder "switching costs" as one deterrent to rate competition, but he attributes most of the rate insensitivity to a certain peculiarity of cardholder psychology.
Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card gives cardholders complete control in selecting their cash back categories based upon their spending habits and rewards them generously for using their card to make those purchases.
NBAD MasterCard cardholders were automatically entered in to a draw to win the BMW every time they used their card during international trips.
Should a cardholder find charges on their statement that they did not authorize, Visa's zero liability policy ensures that they pay nothing -- not a cent -- for such transactions.