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Cardholding information and behavior or attitudes of holders of bankcards, selected years, 2000-12 Percent Behavior or attitude 2000 2001 2004 2005 2012 Number of bank-type cards One 40 31 25 27 27 Two 29 28 32 30 31 Three 13 19 21 22 21 Four 9 11 10 8 11 Five or more 9 11 12 13 10 Total 100 100 100 100 100 Balance owed after latest payment (in constant 2012 dollars) 0 35 40 45 40 50 1-1,499 32 23 21 20 16 1,500-4,999 15 17 15 16 16 5,000 or more 18 20 20 24 19 Total 100 100 100 100 100 Has card that provides n.
Income and Financial Well-being of Cardless and Cardholding Families
Consumer Bankruptcy Project data do not reveal the degree to which cardholding families used their credit cards for spending or borrowing.
Because opt-in restrictions of the type analyzed above would impact all credit card issuers (not just MBNA), the reduction in supply (from both incumbent firms and new entrants) consequent to higher production costs would inevitably impact all cardholding consumers through higher prices, limits on card features or reduced access to credit cards.
As a result, modeling consumer cardholding and merchant card acceptance under a single interchange fee does not fit the U.
Other factors to consider in addressing the Australian situation include differences in acquirer and issuer margins, merchant strategy, consumer cardholding, and surcharging.
The analysis presented below suggests that much if not most of the rise in cardholding over the 1989-2001 period came from an expansion of supply to riskier households--those that would not have qualified for a card in 1989.
Competition in the market has continued to encourage multiple cardholding, while the drive for efficiency has seen dormant accounts close
Figure 17: Average cardholding in the UK has grown over time, but declined in 2005
The payment card market in Germany is characterized by a high degree of penetration; cardholding averaged close to 1.
Digital certificates will be issued via the Internet to cardholding consumers, Internet merchants and institutions processing the transactions.
Ideal for small-dollar purchases, it allows a cardholding employee to buy from merchants who accept the MasterCard and Visa brands.