cardinal point

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Data from the experiment on the effect of cardinal points on weevil captures were also analyzed with chi-squared tests as a contingency table 2 x 4 (recapture x cardinal point).
In order to determine the direction according to which the panel is oriented (the azimuth), at a certain point it is necessary to measure permanently the angular motion in relation to a cardinal point, on a horizontal level.
According to Komatsu, South Korea told Japan it ''had no choice'' but to push for a more extensive EEZ than it claimed in previous talks by making Takeshima the cardinal point because of recent tensions that flared after Japan decided to conduct a marine survey near the islets in April, drawing strong protests from South Korea.
The circle is made of twelve locally quarried or naturally occurring stones with, at the east cardinal point facing the centre, Maen y Cyfamod (the Stone of the Covenant), at which the Herald Bard stands.
A heated discussion between Ernie Kent and Chris Hernandez followed Saturday's game between Oregon and Stanford, as the UO coach voiced his displeasure with the Cardinal point guard's taunting of the Pit Crew section of student fans after the final buzzer.
BRAID, whose masterpiece is Gleneagles, laid out a unique links at Brora as all four short holes face each cardinal point in the compass.
Each cardinal point has it own particular features; each dimension of your self does also.
To stand in firm and cautious independence of all entanglement in the European system, has been a cardinal point of their policy under every administration.
Other passages with no connection to the myth of Osiris inform us that each meret-chest stood for a cardinal point and together they symbolized dominion over Egypt, probably by equating t?
Many people in rural areas are accustomed to using cardinal point directions.
The cardinal point is that you want to keep more of what you earn.