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4) Clinical presentation ranges from incidental detection of asymptomatic aneurysms on ultrasound or Computerised Tomography, to acute abdominal pain and cardiovascular collapse in the event of rupture, which carries a mortality in the region of 40%.
The new nanomedicine was developed to address the need for better field treatments for massive human blood loss, which can cause cardiovascular collapse, also known as hemorrhagic shock.
Mortality usually results from respiratory failure, cardiovascular collapse, myoglobinuric renal failure, arrhythmias, or DIC, he said in a poster presentation.
Major emboli may result in complete cardiovascular collapse.
Acute cardiovascular collapse is the most common cause of nontraumatic exercise related death in young athletes.
006), data were analyzed (time and frequency domains) under both conditions at the time at which cardiovascular collapse occurred during the sham experiment to determine the mechanisms underlying this protective effect.
1) The clinical criteria of brain death, if assessed correctly, can predict irreversible loss of consciousness and eventual cardiovascular collapse.
Clinical observations on the pathophysiology and treatment of anaphylactic cardiovascular collapse.
Screening 10 million individuals by upper endoscopy could result in about 10,000 major complications, including esophageal perforation, cardiovascular collapse, or death.
In humans, ingestion can also corrode and trigger hemorrhaging in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as cause cardiovascular collapse and convulsions, according to a review in the 19 June 2000 issue of Human and Experimental Toxicology.
Pope John Paul then got worse on Friday after he suffered a cardiovascular collapse.
Recent studies show that mercury contamination can cause infertility, kidney failure, cardiovascular collapse and genetic damage in adults.

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