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histamine, leukotriene and tryptase, which account for clinical features [5,6] These can be mild as pruritus and urticarial or can be serious as an anaphylactic shock [7] In the case of cardiovascular collapse, bronchospasm and erythema, early clinical diagnosis is very important.
Other treatment options for upper respiratory infections, according to Beizer, can include clarithromycin and erythromycin (cousins to azithromycin), which can cause arrhythmias, and amoxicillin, which can result in rare allergic reactions that cause difficulty breathing and cardiovascular collapse.
It enables the immediate, noninvasive detection of the risk for cardiovascular collapse and the monitoring of the effectiveness of fluid resuscitation therapy.
Side effects include drowsiness, a slowing-down of breathing and cardiovascular collapse which can lead to coma, the jury heard.
There is broad consensus that a clinical diagnosis of AFE can be made based on one or more of four key signs / symptoms (in the absence of other medical conditions or explanations): cardiovascular collapse (hypotension and/or cardiac arrest); respiratory distress; DIC; and coma and/ or seizures.
And while the medical examiner calls the death a cardiovascular collapse, prosecutors call it the collapse of the latest criminal case they were building against the elusive Billy Price.
4) Clinical presentation ranges from incidental detection of asymptomatic aneurysms on ultrasound or Computerised Tomography, to acute abdominal pain and cardiovascular collapse in the event of rupture, which carries a mortality in the region of 40%.
The new nanomedicine was developed to address the need for better field treatments for massive human blood loss, which can cause cardiovascular collapse, also known as hemorrhagic shock.
Mortality usually results from respiratory failure, cardiovascular collapse, myoglobinuric renal failure, arrhythmias, or DIC, he said in a poster presentation.
Major emboli may result in complete cardiovascular collapse.
Acute cardiovascular collapse is the most common cause of nontraumatic exercise related death in young athletes.
Treatment for the crisis of hyperkalemia from potassium released from injured muscle cells is the most urgent priority in a fulminant MH presentation to prevent cardiovascular collapse.

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