careful scrutiny

See: inspection
References in classic literature ?
Brought face to face for the first time with the daughter of his supposed murderer, it was natural that John Harmon should have his own secret reasons for a careful scrutiny of her countenance and manner.
After careful scrutiny of the merits of submissions by international and local panel of reviewers, 49 papers are accepted for publications into ICICT.
I would suggest any such parking strategy needs careful scrutiny before decisions are made.
The Fact Sheet recommends that government review the GST rate increase, pass on to the people a higher share of the decline in international oil prices, and allow careful scrutiny by parliament of the tax increase.
Insurance policies typically contain exclusions on war and terrorism, but cyber-specific policies do not contain uniform wording and therefore require careful scrutiny.
After careful scrutiny of the opportunities throughout the energy industry, I am confident that NGR offers the best combination of a strong team with organic growth opportunities and a clear focus on value creation.
While that's not much money in the city budget, every dollar spent should be subject to careful scrutiny to determine whether it is a sound investment.
04 appears disproportionate and would need the more careful scrutiny of detailed assessment.
Lancashire Constabulary WORKED closely with the Crown Prosecution Service from an early stage, and all the evidence was subjected to careful scrutiny before a decision was TAKEN to charge, in the belief that there was sufficient evidence to justify a realistic prospect of conviction.
outposts in Benghazi, Libya, should receive careful scrutiny by Congress and the Obama administration so that U.
After careful scrutiny the authority found that Corona was unfit to provide financial services in the DIFC.
The Budget chief said that the DBM expects the proposed expenditure plan to undergo careful scrutiny during deliberations, particularly with respect to the Administration s budgetary support for anticorruption and good governance, social development, economic services, national peace and security, and climate change response and mitigation.