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Chunk," said he, "it is of drugs of that nature that pharmaceutists must have much carefulness.
We felt that we had taught these wild ape-men a lesson and that because of it we would be safer in the future--at least safer from them; but we decided not to abate our carefulness one whit; feeling that this new world was filled with terrors still unknown to us; nor were we wrong.
But all the time he was oppressed by the consciousness that this carefulness of diction was making a booby of him, preventing him from expressing what he had in him.
Henry looked about with great carefulness and shook his head.
He read the letter to the last word, folded it again with all the carefulness and precision of a man of business, and, just when Mr.
When I have given this security I shall have time to look about me; and you are so clever that if you turn your mind to managing you will school me into carefulness.
Yolland produced out of her pocket, a few shillings and sixpences, and counted them out with a most particular and exasperating carefulness in the palm of her hand.
That's true," Raskolnikov answered with special carefulness.
Calling for compilation of annual confidential reports with full responsibility, carefulness and verification, the policy makes it binding for judicial and non-judicial officers and their dependants to declare their assets before assuming office and afterwards on a yearly basis.
Teach your child these "Two Driveway Rules": A big part of driveway safety responsibility lies in the attention and carefulness of the driver, so make sure to look around the vehicle before getting in, and always check for any children or toys lying around.
In conclusion, only a minority of very well selected ARDS patients are candidate to use NPPV as ventilatory strategy and in case of choosing it, carefulness is advised to recognize the failure of NPPV early, with promptly making the decision of invasive mechanical ventilation.
Nor do authorial intentions matter much, apart from the extent to which they are "displayed," that is, "when the author signs the works," the point of which is not to endow them with a privileged meaning set on high by authorial consciousness but rather "to indicate that there has been a carefulness in making decisions that stage responsibility toward what the audience might expect of a work of art" (35).