careless loss

See: waste
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It is our hope that over-the-road truck drivers and their employers take very good note of this lawsuit and the reasons for it and follow the federal guidelines scrupulously; and, thus, avoid sleep deprivation and the careless loss of life that this wonderful family is going to have to live with forever.
A panic appointment, due to their careless loss of Martin O'Neill, a first class manager they had inherited.
The careless loss of civilian life, many believe, will turn the already volatile Yemen in a more radical direction as anti-American sentiment soared after the strike.
This goes way beyond the careless loss of a laptop or lapses in personal security that we have seen in recent times.
Wasted the display with careless loss of possession that led to Japan's opening goal.
Also careless loss and theft could reach a striking level, as early-seventeenth-century inventories of lost spoons at St.