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They remained in great quietness till the caretaker should have come to shut the windows: as a precaution, putting themselves in total darkness by barring the shutters as before, lest the woman should open the door of their chamber for any casual reason.
In the early spring, Mark Hall and his wife went to New York, the two Japanese servants of the bungalow were dismissed, and Saxon and Billy were installed as caretakers.
Pay off all the servants save two of the most trustworthy, who will remain as caretakers.
A caretaker is one of camp's hidden treasures, providing the foundation of a successful camp operation.
While orthodox physicians and lay people asserted a subordinate role for the domestic caretaker, they also accepted independent diagnosis and treatment by both patients and domestic caretakers.
Caretaker Prime Minister Georgi Bliznashki has insisted that Bulgariaas caretaker government is about to complete a successful term in office.
Summary: Caretaker Public Works and Transportation Minister Ghazi Aridi and Caretaker Finance Minister Mohammad Safadi traded accusations Monday over allegations that funds have not yet been allocated to Aridi's ministry.
ISLAMABAD -- Key former ministers from the 2013 caretaker government, newly elected federal and provincial parliamentarians and civil society representatives were on same page in demanding clear guidelines and well defined laws that explain the mandate, functioning and neutrality of future caretaker governments.
A FORMER school caretaker returned to her old surroundings at a Birmingham primary school to open a new garden in her honour.
Kevin Gregan said his 46-year-old wife Patricia had left the matrimonial home and was staying with the caretaker of Harborne Junior and Infants School and his wife at their accommodation at the Caretakers' House in Station Road.
On the other hand, the Ministry of Defence said that some people were inducted during the tenure of caretaker government, but these were according to the rules and regulation.