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It was a brilliant caricature done in bright botted lines and March knew of whom.
Indeed, in the wild school of caricature then current, Mr Max Beerbohm had represented him as a proposition in the fourth book of Euclid.
After hearing this caricature of Clare's opinion poor Tess was glad that she had not said a word in a weak moment about her family--even though it was so unusually old almost to have gone round the circle and become a new one.
They mimic and caricature him for his own edification.
Even Ruth could appreciate that--and she was a prejudiced observer, for the sketch was a caricature of herself.
In her rambling and her idleness she might only be a caricature of herself; but in her silence and sadness she was the very reverse of all that she had been before.
these weeks, and the few words scribbled in a wild caricature of his scholarly and dainty hand
If you criticise a fine genius, the odds are that you are out of your reckoning, and instead of the poet, are censuring your own caricature of him.
It was like some strange caricature of the dapper James Wilder whom we had seen the night before.
The interpretation of the German spirit must have read as a caricature in 1908.
It would be a mistake to think that this is ironic- a caricature of the historical accounts.
Fred has sense and knowledge enough to make him respectable, if he likes, in some good worldly business, but I can never imagine him preaching and exhorting, and pronouncing blessings, and praying by the sick, without feeling as if I were looking at a caricature.