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Because the purpose of Expt 2 was to investigate effects of caricature on self-priming a t test was carried out as a planned comparison on the + 50 per cent caricatured and -50 per cent caricatured same primes in the same prime type.
Although obviously lacking the ecological validity of photographic quality stimuli, the caricatured line-drawings used by Rhodes et al.
Twenty-one faces of famous personalities (including the 10 faces used in Expt 2; see Appendix 2) were caricatured at three levels of exaggeration (+50, 0 and -50 per cent), giving a total of 63 caricatures that were used as primes in the 'Yes' response trials.
A familiar target name was preceded by its corresponding caricatured (+50 per cent) face prime.
The prime faces in the 'No' response trials were familiar faces caricatured at three levels of exaggeration (+50, 0 and -50 per cent).
The original hypothesis stated that caricatured faces should produce more self-priming than veridical faces or anti-caricatures.
With this in mind, it is important to see if caricatured and veridical stimuli can be used to replicate the distinctiveness effect when distinctiveness causes a disadvantage rather than an advantage.
The present experiment used jumbled and intact versions of familiar (public) and unfamiliar faces in which distinctiveness was manipulated by using caricatured and veridical representations.
From this table it appeared that the caricatured stimuli were responded to more slowly than the veridical stimuli.
001); caricatured stimuli again took longer to classify as jumbled than veridical stimuli.
The present study has examined the performance with caricatured and veridical versions of a set of faces on a face classification task.
The present experiment is the first to explore the performance with caricatured and veridical stimuli when distinctiveness is a disadvantage.