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He added: "Our prayer tonight then might be that conscious of our past, and all that it entailed, we seek to live compassionately and caringly for the whole of humanity by striving for the things that make for peace in our own relationships, our own nation and indeed our world.
Also, to move an organization or class forward or away from mediocrity, it may be necessary to caringly confront.
He is survived by his wife Mabel; his niece with whom he lived and who so caringly looked after him, Julie Richard and her son Nikolai of Shrewsbury and many nieces and nephewsFamily and friends will honor and remember Raymond's life by gathering for a calling hour at Heald & Chiampa Funeral Directors ~ The Sumner House, 5 Church Road, On the Common, Shrewsbury Center on Wednesday, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.
You see it in the physician who carefully and caringly explains to a family their father's deteriorating condition, helping them to decide whether to resuscitate him.
The caringly sensuous and intimate caress of concentric circles echoes ancient practice of natural and dynamic expressions of humanness.
But you have to be willing to say this is where we're going, and we're going to do it caringly and intentionally.
Then the digging would start caringly with the upper part of the stick while being directed towards the end of each burrow, in order to avoid any insect injuries.
In Foucault's analysis, the figure of a human shepherd is metaphorical of an art of government that caringly ministers to a flock of sheep, itself metaphorical for the population as a new "subject" of State biopower (Security 11).
There was social commentary, the residents were treated caringly and while there were no laugh-out-loud moments (perhaps just as well) the package as a whole was compulsive.
Peggy and Murray Schwartz caringly cast this Pearl of great price before us in their The Dance Claimed Me: a Biography of Pearl Primus.
Indeed, every state list of influential people would, if caringly and thoughtfully compiled, include the name of at least one chain drug industry founder.