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With cool, formal people, we respond caringly with deference and respect; with warm informal people, we respond caringly with hugs and overt affection.
Joan Retallack You write a poem, you drive a neighbor to get her groceries, you talk to an elderly friend whose husband is dying and she takes the time to caringly advise you about your professional life, you buy some bare- root roses with another neighbor and she shows you how to plant them, you go and buy some veggies from an organic farmer and she tells you a story that makes you laugh, and you teach her how to swear in Quebecois .
As Mum's life drew to a close the staff, with Dr Thomas and district nurses, nursed her so caringly.
Among the pictures of model sets, caringly crafted before anybody started work on the real thing, are model banisters made from beads and wire and wrapped with thread.
Assistant Bishop, the Right Reverend David Yeoman, said: 'At the service, prayers will be said for the repose of Father Paul, for his family and for the community in which he administered and which has responded so caringly to his death.
Nowhere more so than in his latest book Green Networks of the Dales - not just a very fine work, written caringly, lovingly and with authority, but a personal crusade.
The foundation of her business and the high regard in which she was held by her customers, friends and extended family was her ability to listen - and respond appropriately and caringly.
Martin's wife, Ann, is an admirable mother in her own right, with four children and a household run efficiently and caringly.
79 If I share my problems with this person, I know (s)he would respond constructively and caringly.
It is recognised as one of Scotland's finest mansions, caringly restored, and the centrepiece of a 416-acre estate that includes specimen trees and one of the most important rhododendron collections in the east of Scotland.
As a principal, he responded caringly by listening to, and sympathizing with, the mother and her son and seeing that both the youth and the teacher received psychological treatment at the community's expense.
Empress Michiko said that what she herself needs to do is to continue to watch caringly over the princess.