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The prosecutor, Mrs Folake Ewe had told the court that the accused on the March 1 at about 5 pm at Alapafon Area of Ibadan did have unlawful carnal knowledge of the minor identified as Fatia Adeleke, a nine years old girl without her consent.
27 ( ANI ): Turns out, women have found a new bizarre way for carnal pleasure.
Aunque el concepto de sociologia carnal es relativamente reciente, asi como lo es la inversion wacquantiana de la etnografia -el paso de la observacion participante a la participacion observante-, la literatura antropologica y sociologica nos han traido casos de estudios de la experiencia corporal como objeto de estudio, y me refiero a la experiencia corporal del etnografo o sociologo.
Yet, I must note that there is a price for the postmodern definition of freedom as the unrestricted satisfaction of carnal desires.
org's website also sites a law dictionary's definition of carnal knowledge that describes it as "the slightest penetration of the sexual organ of the female (vagina) by the sexual organ of the male (penis)," wording that "specifically excludes men as victims of rape," the MaleSurvivor.
A federal judge ruled that a Utah law requiring sex offenders to reveal their Internet screen names and passwords to the state Department of Corrections violated the constitutional rights of a man found guilty of carnal knowledge and sodomy of a minor under a military system.
I read somewhere that Eros was the god of carnal love, whereas Anteros was the god of selfless, philanthropic love.
Built in 1923, we always strive to keep the ambiance of the 1920s throughout the building," says Ralph Carnal, IT supervisor for the hotel.
Pues en que t--Fidel gobierna a Cuba a traves de su carnal Raul y el Peje al Distrito Federal a traves de su carnal Marcelo.
Carnal fury and ghoulish lust inform this bloody beat'-em-up adaptation of Robert Zemeckis' filmic version of the Old English epic, but "Beowulf" the game's scattershot mechanics and stilted narrative mar an otherwise ordinary action adventure.
Macleod and the Ghanaian man in the pictures, 19-year-old Emmanuel Adda, pleaded guilty yesterday to "unnatural carnal knowledge.
Written by Terri Witek (Art and Melissa Sullivan Chair in Creative Writing, Stetson University), Carnal World is an anthology of brief, free-verse poems.