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Nevertheless, the former President, who is currently being cared for at the EOKA veterans' home in Palodia as a result of health problems he has been facing, remains enthusiastic and determined to take the opportunity to carouse with old friends and celebrate his birthday in style.
But why would a highly-paid Premiership footballer who takes stick from thousands every week bother to complain about something so trivial in the middle of summer, when there are holidays to take, mates to carouse with and bimbos to blag?
Look-alikes with silver-white beards wearing khaki shorts flocked to town as they have each July for years, to drink, carouse and see who looks most like Papa Hemingway.
Clearly, he's fully aware that a victory tonight translates into many millions of dollars and he appears to be doing all the right things: He doesn't party, carouse or skip workouts, the things for which Chavez, De La Hoya's last victim, is known.
Ayia Napa mayor Yiannis Carouses said he was satisfied there was yet another landmark point of reference that could be classed as a jewel for the city and an improvement to the aesthetics of the harbour area.
The 22-year-old scores hundreds, he bowls on the brisk side of fast-medium, he carouses and he raises hell.
As he feasts and carouses, stopping only to punish some of his less well behaved peasants, he little realises that in the surrounding woods and glades the Welsh are preparing for war.