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But it wasn't until we joined the enormous queue to get into the venue that things started taking a turn for the bizarre, echoing the kind of odd, slightly askew reality in which the lowlife characters and bar room carousers from Waits' sozzled songs usually reside.
BY eliminating the need to get up early on Sunday, brunch appears to be designed to make life brighter for Saturday night carousers like my student daughter who was home for the weekend.
Some pink-lunged carousers are perfectly happy to down pints of beer alongside nicotine-ingesting, tobacco-reeking individuals, simply because they appear to be more convivial company than muttering, tutting, cross-trainer-sweating non-smokers.
In fact my fellow carousers from The Mount Vernon social club would like to invite James along to the highlight of our own Season.
But this was a new Saturday and the eager sun spread up the sky over the curtained bedrooms of young lovers, who curled warm and snug in those loving hollows, where old couples sigh in memories - while, down the road, the beery, heavydrill snores of the moonlight's crazy carousers trembled the furniture.
Measuring an imposing four feet wide, it shows a courtyard with carousers and a Cavalier walking away dejectedly from a card game, his losing hand of cards falling from his grasp.