carry back

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They can also still carry forward and in conjunction with carry back, this permits you to use up unused contributions from the previous seven years.
Carry back will allow you to spread the contribution over two tax years.
The first case decided after Libson Shops was a First Circuit decision in which the court expanded the scope of its holding in Newmarket, holding that the surviving corporation in a reorganization could carry back post-reorganization losses against the pre-reorganization income of the absorbed corporation even where the two corporations conducted separate businesses.
Mitigating the Results of Failing to Properly Carry Back an NOL
They have until April 5 to make a contribution and the deadline for them to make the election to carry back or carry forward is January 31, 2007.
During the next tax year, if you wanted to contribute the same 8% again and then later to pay another 12%, you could carry back the 12% contribution to the previous tax year.
2002-37 provided, as a term and condition for automatic approval, that a corporation generally cannot carry back a short-period net operating loss (NOL) or capital loss (CL)--the "Original Carryhack Term and Condition.
Owner George Steinbrenner won two of the four big races on the day at Calder, with Dream Supreme taking the Grade 3 Princess Rooney Handicap for fillies and mares and Illusioned winning the Carry Back Stakes for three-year-olds.
The cable will transmit electricla power down to the observatory and carry back real-time information from the instruments.
If a taxpayer makes the election to carry back an NOL to the fifth preceding year, the NOL carryback is limited to 50% of the taxable income in the fifth preceding year.
The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a district court's ruling that a company could not carry back a loss because the statute of limitations had passed.