carry further

See: enlarge, extend
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The implementing decision does not reflect the potential of the optically variable diffractive (OVD) foil to carry further information that would classify the feature in the covert category.
Meanwhile, Supt Katse pleaded with court to have the two accused remanded in custody to allow police to carry further investigations.
Sometimes in games like that it's hard to stay in structure when people carry further than they would against the likes of Sarries and it's easy for it to become loose and disorganised.
AMA Romania, top developing and R&D studio of AMA world leader of innovative interactive entertainment software on all devices, needs to carry further its innovative expertise on its game by exploring the possibilities of multi-devices interaction to offer gamers a premium experience.
He expressed his confidence that the organization will carry further Bulgariaas efforts in the implementation of good initiatives under Estoniaas chairmanship.
He also reflected on the evolving travel experience and how various stakeholders within the industry need to step up and change their offering: "Travelers today have stronger voices that carry further thanks to the prominence of social media and its ease of use.
Nasrollah said Hezbollah might carry further retaliatory at tacks, but what everyone noticed was the "might.
Pental also allowed Prasad to use this GM seed to carry further research, fully aware that all GM materials are put under the tag of ' Hazardous' under Environmental Protection Act ( EPA)," Saradhi alleged.
At least we have channels where anyone's voice can carry further than ever before, where collective speech is easy to corral into something useful, or at least something that can be acknowledged.
This is a perception that American naval historians have long neglected, and it is the first of several broad insights from Dull's work that future historians can profitably carry further in detail.
With 13 holes in the final round on Sunday, Scott unfortunately could not carry further as back spasm troubled him to play his normal game.
She hopes to show locals their importance to the transboundary conservation process and how they can benefit from it, opening a discussion that will carry further in the rainforest than the sounds of pots and pans.