carry oneself

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Ubertaccio will offer them pointers on personal style, grooming, menswear, fashion and how to carry oneself appropriate to various situations.
Reflecting on what he gained from his stint in the Indian team, Mithun said: " I learnt a lot about being a thorough professional and how one should carry oneself.
Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader" is a motivational and inspirational read from Dianna Booher as she advises readers to take control and be a leader in their lives, how to carry oneself like a leader, and have people listen and respond to your lead.
Even in personal situations, these skills can win someone the day, and Walker offers no shortage of advice on how to carry oneself.
Straightforward and to the point, Grippo offers many techniques and advice that one can do to better carry oneself on the public stage and effectively get one's ideas and points across.