carrying charge

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Using the yield on a money-market instrument as a proxy for the inventory cost of capital, significantly understates the inventory carrying charge.
In that instance, a credit or debit should specifically be applied to the carrying charges of a particular item, or applied generally, if purchase discounts would otherwise be unavailable.
266-1(c) provide for an election to capitalize taxes and carrying charges incurred on certain real and personal property.
The shareholders realized that the carrying charge increase would have an immediate improvement on the physical condition of their property and that the 35-year term of the HUD mortgage would spread out the costs of the refinancing, keeping the monthly payments affordable.
Monthly carrying charges range from $525 to $1,488.
6 million plus carrying charges, for engaging in "an unauthorized natural gas price hedging program" that kept its customers from taking advantage of the drop in natural gas prices.
Straddles are also subject to the requirement that interest and carrying charges allocable to property that is part of the straddle be capitalized.
263(g) requires interest and carrying charges to be capitalized if they are allocable to personal property that is part of a straddle.
you can save is in not producing more than your carrying charges can handle.
58 million operating loss for fiscal 1997, reflecting a $600,000 provision for closing one Pharmhouse store and $700,000 in losses attributable to the seven underperforming Rx Place units (excluding inventory carrying charges or interest expenses related to the Woolworth indebtedness).
Molho has previously suggested, and intermittently repeats here, that the Fund's primary function was fiscal, as it sought initially to raise cash for the hard-pressed commune; after 1440 -- when payment had to be in Monte Commune credits to reduce the carrying charges on the public debt -- its social function of encouraging marriage in post-plague years became only a secondary and often contradictory objective, since as soon as the government had to start paying out dowries, it lost cash and had to re-issue interest-bearing bonds which defeated its initial purpose.
As for the collection of the tax, Gilbert says, depending on how the rebate system is handled, there may be some additional carrying charges incurred by business to finance the gap between the time they pay the GST and the time they receive a credit.