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5-kDa, as products of cartilage matrix degradation, may be a third matrix fragment system of relevance to OA.
In these tests, normal CILP slowed the activity of another protein, called TGF-[beta]1, that normally regenerates cartilage matrix tissue, the team reports.
This leads to severe cartilage matrix damage as observed in OA.
Obtaining cultures or performing histochemical staining can help rule out infectious organisms, while clinical tests for cartilage matrix proteins or antibodies to type II collagen (found uniquely in cartilage) can help define relapsing polychondritis.
By histology, type IA is characterized by inclusion bodies in chondrocytes, and the cartilage matrix is close to normal; in type IB, the cartilage matrix is distinctly abnormal, showing rarefaction of the ground substance and a peculiar ringlike pericellular arrangement of collagen fibers.
This provides experimental proof that the application of bioactive collagen peptides stimulates the renewed synthesis of the extracellular cartilage matrix.
Statins are increasingly recognized for their broad anti-inflammatory effects, but also have been shown to increase the production of nitric oxide, which could have a deleterious effect on the cartilage matrix, the investigators said.
The effects of peptides/fragments on cartilage matrix degradation were measured by quantitation of proteoglycan left in cartilage explants after extended culture.
Their report also described a mildly lobulated margin with fine, low-signal-intensity septations on the T2-weighted images, suggestive of cartilage matrix.
Lead candidates include NeoCart[R], an autologous bioengineered neocartilage grown outside the body using the patient's own cells for the regeneration of cartilage lesions, and VeriCart[TM], a three-dimensional cartilage matrix designed to stimulate cartilage repair in a simple, one-step procedure.