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There is also a page for her lesson plans and many very well selected links to sites that feature cartooning, analyzing political cartoons, and lesson plans used in schools.
Not to mention that a cleverly placed piece of cartooning can help get your ideas across; the recipient will have you etched in their mind.
In Italy, in the sixteenth century, cartooning or caricatura emerged in rebellion to "high art" and its wish for prestige(1) with possibly the first cartoons having been painted by Leonardo da Vinci in his study of caricature.
Starting a career in political cartooning is a tricky business.
Planet Cartoonist: The Top 100 Editorial Cartooning Sites, www.
The relatively small scale of Alley Oop is determined by its collaged element, part of a page of comics; unlike an image of a flag, convertible to any size, this sheet of cartooning was designed to be held in the hand.