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When asked about his opinions about journalists Hidayet Karaca, GE-ltekin Avcy and Mehmet Baransu, who are in prison, the cartoonist stressed that freedom of the press is an essential part of democracy and it is always a source of concern when it is being crushed in any sort of way.
Another cartoonist who took a big step forward is Matt Bors, a Pulitzer finalist last year whose work is syndicated by Universal Uclick.
Unny described Petty as a cartoonist who can bridge the gap between animated cartoons and cartoons or caricatures appearing in print.
Donnelly's visit to the Palestinian territory, organized by the US State Department and the US Consulate in Jerusalem, aimed to exchange expertise and experiences between both Palestinian and American cartoonists.
He said: "What Jasper's cartoon did was appeal to the fundamentally puerile streak in all cartoonists.
Hajo went on to tell a story of an individual attending an exhibition of his works and who became offended with a particular piece and attacked another man, mistaking him for the cartoonist.
In cartoon B, what point is the cartoonist trying to make?
Of course, cartoonists do more than choose a clever title for their work.
All 400 entries they attracted were reviewed by an expert panel that included Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles and "Doonesbury's" Garry Trudeau; it picked the best dozen cartoons.
What is the cartoonist trying to say by having giant claws come out of the cages marked "North Korea" and "Iran"?
I've not felt discriminated against as a woman as much as I've felt discriminated against as a cartoonist," Winters says.
Matt Davies, who is staff cartoonist for The Journal News in White Plains, New York, the 2004 Pulitzer Prize-winner for editorial cartooning, and president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC), contends there is "an inherent shortsightedness to this buy-a-cartoon model" that many newspapers are turning to.