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The main character of this cartoony video slot is none other than a multi-talented pig that is equally skilled in both martial arts and culinary faculties.
Unlike the publisher's moderately successful Gangstar franchise, 9mm boasts a more realistic aesthetic, making it a more down-and-dirty experience than Gangstar's lighter and somewhat cartoony design.
Zombies (PopCap): Help the forces of photosynthesis prevail in a cartoony showdown with the walking undead.
It's loaded with excellent cartoony graphics, an amazing and vast soundtrack and some superb gameplay.
Charming, cartoony black-and-white drawings illustrate Lickin' the Beaters, a pint-sized cookbook of delectable low fat vegan desserts.
With a mix of rambling looseness, blotchy crudeness, and sheer cartoony grace, Thompson's expressive pen line is the equal of any of cartooning's Old Masters.
A handful of cartoony black-and-white illustrations enhance this wonderful blend of history, trivia, and seismography ideal for entertaining and educating budding young minds.
His cartoony style done in ink and watercolor especially highlights and augments the humor of the tales.
This remarkable indie quintet -- which, naturally, is from Georgia -- has made an irresistible new album that somehow puts together Eurodisco, atonal guitar, cheerfully gloomy lyrics and some unexpectedly bracing off-kilter melodies for a cartoony set that's as addictive as Pez.
Simple, cartoony illustrations and photographs add a visual touch to the biblical stories and craft steps.
However, while some gamers will love the melodramatic overacting and cartoony appearance, the somewhat childish look of the game will likely dissuade many causal, older gamers.
Though she uses a cartoony, excessive, and rather vulgar but funny style to talk about the world, Heck can't hide the fact that she is a gifted and masterful artist.