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Ok, reality it wasn't, but executing that perfect and completely effortless cartwheel waswell, unforgettable.
He's a top player but I don't do the cartwheels - I'm my own man and I want to get my head down and have a good crack at the Championship.
We try a down-hill cartwheel on some slopey ramp thing.
Handstands and cartwheels make people happy," said Boettcher, who has taught fellow WHOI graduate students and postdoctoral researchers her relaxation methods--even on geology field trips to volcanoes.
All that exercise allowed her to do a perfect NeLL-shape when she did a cartwheel.
Korda celebrates victory with a cartwheel across the court
That's how astronomers believe the Cartwheel, a striking, ring-shaped galaxy complete with spokes and a brilliant, bulls-eye core, got its shape (SN: 4/18/92, p.
At that moment, you could see that aircraft was again starting to lift and it began to cartwheel.
LAS VEGAS, June 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Nickelodeon today announced a multi-year master toy license agreement for Cartwheel Kids to manufacture, distribute and market a line of toys and products based on the hit, reimagined CG-animated preschool series, Peter Rabbit.
The last book of the quadrilogy, "The Final Cartwheel," is planned for release by the middle of 2013.
LEARNING how to cartwheel is one of the skills being taught at gymnastic sessions at Washington Leisure Centre, Washington.
Katie says "Three days choc-a-block with colour, culture and chaos that makes you want to take your shoes off and cartwheel on the concrete, or is that only me?