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In my childhood, I would carve on chalk pieces which everyone does.
At the McKenzie River Chainsaw and Arts Festival, carvers will complete daily quick carves in less than two hours.
There he carves paper-thin slices of the exquisite ham that has a well-marbled texture and a complex, nutty flavor that's salty, sweet and savory all at the same time.
3 -- 4 -- color) At right, Terry Green of Malibu carves a whale out of stone at the Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center on Sunday during a free stone carving workshop.
AS a child Tom Watt would carve out spooky Hallowe'en lanterns from swedes grown on the family farm.
This lone figure on a pedestal proved on inspection to be hollow: Chu generally glues together blocks of wood and then carves them into figures with a chainsaw; holes in the finished products undermine an initial impression of weight and solidity.
Here, he carves stone and other materials to fashion works of art rooted in mathematical ideas (SN: 9/8/90, p.
Diana is the artist who carves the face," says Paul.
Al carves by hand and saw in rock and wood he finds in the desert.
Instead, he carves on one cane for a while, then turns his attention to another and then to a third.