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Manna said he met with the commissioner about the case load crisis, but Ms.
Because of budget cuts, the district attorney's office is staffed at barely over two-thirds the number of attorneys it needs to properly handle its case loads.
The five practicum students maintained a case load of two to four clients in the clinical setting and four to six clients in the school setting during this pilot semester.
To avoid this, one has to transform the series to something that is stationary, such as percent change from one time period to the next; but then one is no longer explaining case load change as such.
Case loads are plunging across the country, and tougher welfare programs (not just low unemployment) are clearly part of the reason.
During Recruiting, Training and Case Load Management Strategies for Embedded Case Managers, Irene Zolotorofe, administrative director of clinical operations at Bon Secours Health System, shared the process that Bon Secours has established for recruiting, selecting and placing an embedded case manager in their practices, along with details on case load management, tools used by case managers and benchmarks for measuring effectiveness.
We fully understand how important it is to have a manageable case load,'' Ms.
In 1997, the unit's case load included 292 felony investigations and 133 internal affairs cases.
Contract Management is another key component and can often fall through the cracks as the case load increases.
A significant proportion of the RSA case load (one out of five) consists of minorities (DOE, 1986).
The evidence for this comes from the number of lettings agents who have joined up and the case load for the scheme's adjudicators.
Investigators will be equipped with the latest wireless PDA technology with camera and GPS-tracking capabilities to maximize visibility and case load management.

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