cash paid

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The sales price for FCD was $50 million in cash paid at the close on December 1, 2006, with a potential additional earn-out amount of up to $5 million based on FCD results for the twelve months ending May 31, 2007.
While he did not receive the cash directly, the cash paid by the buyer is owned by an entity that Paul controls and that is, in turn, owned by him and his sons.
In the news release, Applied Industrial Technologies Reports 94% Increase in Second Quarter EPS, issued earlier today by Applied Industrial Technologies over PR Newswire, in the financial table, Condensed Statements of Consolidated Cash Flows, the value for "Net cash paid for acquisition of business" was incorrectly transmitted in the wrong column by PR Newswire.
The IRS disallowed the deduction because "lump-sum cash paid as a property settlement is not deductible as alimony.
If a court hasn't made a favorable determination, the factoring company would pay the 40% excise tax on the difference between the cash paid to the victim and the total payment due.
Then Cash paid off again, finding the woman's keys in a garden next door.
According to Internal Revenue Bulletin 1997-9, cash paid in 1997 to a household employee such as a housekeeper is not subject to Federal Insurance Contribution Act taxes if it is less than $1,000.
Customers who chose to have the cash paid into their A&L accounts will be able to withdraw it from next Wednesday.
In the first year, the GAAP expense will exceed the cash paid by $450.
Also during the quarter but not included in free cash flow was cash paid for share repurchases of $1.
Because of the amount of cash paid and the liabilities assumed, the transaction does not meet the "solely for voting stock requirement" of a C reorganization.
The tax, which would be due immediately, would be paid on the difference between the cash paid to the victim and the total of payments due under the settlement.