cash payment

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The Supreme Court applied the dividend equivalency rules for redemptions to determine whether the cash payment had the effect of a dividend distribution.
Under the terms of the agreement, Pioneer USA will make cash payments to settle the plaintiffs' claims with respect to production occurring on and before December 31, 2005.
NEW DELHI, India -- Sify Limited (Nasdaq:SIFY), a leader in Consumer Internet and Enterprise Services in India with global delivery capabilities, today, announced its tie-up with the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) to make their online railway ticketing services available at over 3400 iWay cyber cafes across 154 cities in the country with cash payments.
1M of exploration funding and $100,000 cash payment are firm commitments by December 31, 2013.
Introducing the cash payment option, merchants are now able to accept cash payments from customers virtually and reach a greater population of the world (including the unbanked).
In a typical VPF, a taxpayer agrees to sell to a counterparty (usually an investment bank) a variable number of shares on a fixed future date in exchange for an upfront cash payment.
Customers travelling in the domestic United States and Canada can now make use of a new cash payment alternative when using the carrier's web site - http://www.
Cash payment system uses an ATM to pay peddlers for scrap metal
The dispute between the World Trade Center lessee and insurers is heating up, with the insurer that holds the largest piece of liability from the destroyed complex saying the lessee has forfeited his right to rebuild the center by asking for an immediate cash payment for the actual cash value of the property.
On the scheduled closing date, Shpak and his designee (his wife, Kaganosvskaya), demanded a cash payment of $115,000 from Nieginski which they claimed was orally agreed upon by Nieginski when the assignment deal was originally negotiated.
Genesis initially acquired a 43 percent interest and was to become sole owner at a later date, through a cash payment or the issuance of additional Genesis common shares at equivalent value.
A cash payment inducement is a payment from a landlord for a tenant's unrestricted use of the cash.