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The cashier's check was drawn on a Canadian bank in the amount of $205,000 "U.
There are banks that feature pre-printed cashier's check machines, exposing the payment instrument to security issues.
The Wyoming cashier's check turned out to be fraudulent.
Opening bid is $300,000, with a certified or cashier's check in the amount of $30,000 required to bid.
Prices range from $15 to $200; only cashier's checks and money orders are accepted.
A week or two later, a $295,000 Chase Manhattan cashier's check arrives at the office.
May 24 to obtain a cashier's check for about $375,000 -- to be funded by approximately $355,000 in equity credit he had with the bank, along with cash -- to purchase a commercial property, the lawsuit said.
Saban made counterfeit cashier's checks, then worked with others in cashing them and wire transferring the proceeds to another member of the conspiracy.
A check-cashing scam offers consumers the opportunity to make "easy money" by cashing a large sum cashier's check and evaluating the service they receive when they wire the money to another location, typically outside the country.
Aventura lawyer Robert Stok, the victim of a cashier's check scam that cost him $173,015 in 2008, is going to get his day in court--the United States Supreme Court, that is.
In most of these cases, individuals receive a cashier's check and are asked to deposit the check into their account, wait until funds become available and then wire some part of the funds from their account to a third party, often in a foreign country.
The 23-year Los Angeles Fire Department veteran was freed on $1 million bail last week, but he was arrested again Wednesday following a phone call to his credit union, during which prosecutors allege Del Toro claimed he was out of the country and needed all his money made out in a cashier's check in his name.