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CASHIER. An officer of a moneyed institution, who is entitled by virtue of his office to take care of the cash or money of such institution.
     2. The cashier of a bank is usually entrusted with all the funds of the bank, its notes, bills, and other choses in action, to be used from time to time for the ordinary and extraordinary exigencies of the bank. He usually receives directly, or through subordinate officers, all moneys and notes of the bank delivers up all discounted notes and other securities, when they have been paid draws checks to withdraw the funds of the bank where they have been deposited; and, as the executive officer of the bank, transacts much of the business of the institution. In general, the bank is bound by the acts of the cashier within the scope of his authority, expressed or implied. 1 Pet. R. 46, 70Wheat. R. 300, 361 5 Wheat. R. 326; 3 Mason's R. 505; 1 Breese, R. 45; 1 Monr. Rep. 179. But the bank is not bound by a declaration of the cashier, not within the scope of his authority; as when a note is about to be discounted by the bank, he tells a person that he will incur no risk nor responsibility by becoming an indorser upon such note. 6 Pet. R. 51; 8 Pet. R. 12.Vide 17 Mass. R. 1 Story on Ag. Sec. 114, 115; 3 Halst. R. 1; 12 Wheat. R. 183; 1 Watts & Serg. 161.

TO CASHIER, punishment. To break; to deprive a military man of his office. Example: every officer who shall be convicted, before a general court martial, of leaving signed a false certificate relating to the absence of either officer or private soldier, or relative to his daily pay, shall be, cashiered. Articles of war, art. 14.

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A con whereby a customer pays for a small item with a large note, then confuses the cashier by claiming they actually have the correct amount.
Every cashier no doubt has had to deal with a similar situation.
Because France precludes workplace queries regarding race, ethnicity, or religion, the researchers submitted the names of the cashiers to Inter Service Migrants, Centre d'Observation et de Recherche sur l'Urbain et ses Mutations, which specializes in discrimination testing, to determine each CP worker's minority status.
The main objective of this study was to test the hypothesis that occupational exposure to thermal receipt paper results in increased urine and/or serum levels of BPA or its analogues in cashiers when measured shortly after they complete a work shift compared with levels measured [greater than or equal to] 24 hr after completing a shift.
No similar spike of BPSIP was seen in the urine of the 12 cashiers who used BPSIP-coated receipts.
b) uniforms for women to train managers and cashiers (cpl.
The religious figure has caused uproar after he reportedly called for molesting female cashiers and put them under pressure in a bid to make them quit their jobs and stay home.
On each occasion the cashier has reported that during the transaction while changing the notes, the "customers" change their mind and cause confusion, resulting in the cashier handing back a lot more money than they initially were exchanging.
The sales consultant supervising the employment of women cashiers in her company said that they have so far employed 35 Saudi women in five branches and are to open three more women sections in Jeddah.
Banks operate in the increasingly competitive environment of financial services provision, and bank cashiers are expected to market and sell financial products and services to customers.
Mas and Moretti studied the productivity of 394 cashiers working for six stores in a national supermarket chain.
It is believed the woman was hanging back to check the reaction of the cashier - who simply carries on as usual afterwards.