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We castigate the physician who loses his temper without looking at the root cause of what made him lose his temper.
These self-serving "conclusions" are used to castigate and vilify the artists, producers and networks offering programs found incompatible with his extremist personal views, and to shame parents, grandparents, retailers and advertisers who enjoy and support these programs.
So it is illogical to castigate him on the internet and in the press for enforcing the perfectly sensible laws on speeding, which he did not make.
There's such a big commotion About this girl that won a car You'd think it was a travestyThat she came here from afarThey castigate the judges Say the whole thing was unfair A model wins this super prize Because she knew just what to wearShe didn't follow local rules Did not heed the local planHer body wasn't orange She wasn't wearing her fake tan The judges should be fashion blind Could be binmen,cooks or farmers Then perhaps a local scouse girl Would have won -in pink pyjamasIan Kenyon, Huyton
Those who have conveniently chosen to forget this fact have decided to use it as an opportunity to suggest that Mr Beales and the Christian faith castigate single parents per se when nothing could be further from the truth.
Instead, it is being used as a means to castigate and slander members of the community.
Likewise, liberals who are committed above all else to reelecting Bipartisan Bill in 1996 frequently castigate as ultraleftists everyone who challenges him from the progressive side.
Since the initial intention to act arises unconsciously, Libet asserts that religious and philosophical systems "create insurmountable moral and psychological difficulties when they castigate individuals for simply having a mental intention or impulse to do something unacceptable, even when this is not acted out.
The failure by boss Tony Pulis (left) to castigate Fuller has not gone down well.
That showbiz--an industry hardly renowned for its humane treatment of people--sees fit to time and again castigate the business world for callous heartlessness is itself an irony worth savoring.
On the other hand, sewers and sewermen served as a useful tool of the left to castigate and riducule the bourgeoisie about its anal and sexual inhibitions.
As a result, now there is no opposition medium, there are no journalists who are to castigate him, there is no opposition to ask unpleasant questions in the Parliament, there is no judiciary power that will set boundaries and there is no president of country that will at least symbolically say - no.