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Last week, we were castigated for our on-field performance and were going to be relegated.
It's months now since I first castigated the UN over it's inactivity in Sudan and I was criticised for so doing.
In the nineteenth century, sissies might be castigated by their peers but celebrated by their families.
He castigated the panel for its "almost total medicalization of the problem," noting that ignoring the moral aspects, at the expense of the medical, has up till now not improved but worsened the situation.
In a withering report, the Commons Transport Committee castigated the OFT over its proposals to cut regulations for taxis and minicabs.
In The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness (1973) Fromm castigated a necrophiliac society narcissistically in love with everything nonliving and machinelike.
But what about the sexual behavior Castigated in vv.
Teachers are castigated if they don't have good discipline, but hauled in front of a judge and suspended from school if they do.
And as another measure of how much things have changed in 12 years, this time NGLTF has been castigated for not speaking out quickly and forcefully enough on the issue.
In 1370 when Pope Urban V announced his return to Avignon after only three years in Rome, Bridget castigated him, this time through a revelation from the Virgin Mary.
We have shoved the decisions off onto doctors and then castigated them for turning away from the heavy burden of compassion.
That evening a Muslim woman from Bangladesh gave a talk in which she castigated Pakistan.