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She castigates the church for setting "sexual sin above all other sorts of offense," yet has spent the complete thrust of her article on nothing else but sex.
On the other hand, he is blind to almost all twentieth-century design (apart from its obvious defects, which he castigates endlessly) and to most modern art except the work of Matisse, whom he idolises, and a few other painters.
Steiner castigates "those who preach 'morality'" for not being sufficiently moral.
He sometimes caricatures those who hold opposing views (especially in his introduction) in the interest of advancing his own, and he castigates Hale for "reading the work as the patron wished it to be read, excluding a level of subversion surely intended by the artist to be recognized as such" (4).
He castigates those, whoever they may be, who, though they know God's righteous judgment, not only do what has just been castigated but even applaud those who practice such things.
HOW dare Peter Rogers AM assume that he speaks for everyone in the country when he castigates S4C for not halting the coverage of the Pontypool v EbbwVale local Derby match on hearing of the death of the Queen Mother?
Although he castigates opponents of Afrocentrism for heedlessly lumping together themes and thinkers, he only fitfully defines what he means by the term.
I am sure that during Mr Makin's long and distinguished legal career, he has represented clients who were less deserving of sympathy than the vulnerable whom he castigates in his column.