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15 ( ANI ): Hitting back at the opposition parties for castigating the Uttar Pradesh government over hike in the power tariff in the state, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday averred that his government is making efforts towards ensuring the supply of 'electricity for all' in the state.
However, in reply to HD, who admits to be a recovering addict (ECHO 26 March), far from castigating him, we congratulate him and other ex-addicts, convicts and alcoholics attempting to rebuild their lives.
Instead of castigating the police he should ask the parents and siblings of these gun-toting youths why they remain silent.
But queer writer Michelle Tea (Valencia, Rent Girl) responded and cared enough to pen a fiery open letter to the person impersonating JT, calling herself "grossed out" by the scam and castigating Albert.
SOUND BITEBACK: "I do not believe anybody should be deprived of their liberty on the say-so of a politician," thundered Michael Howard, castigating ministers who ignore the legal process by holding suspected terrorists without trial.
He is quoted as castigating his dancers during rehearsals, ``You're boring everybody to death, dear.
That's a bit like judging The Lord of The Rings by castigating Tolkien for not writing the Oxford English Dictionary.
Could this be the very same Jaci Stephen who, a short while ago in an earlier column, was castigating Brains for planning to turn the Halfway into a trendy wine bar, and saying that she would be hotfooting it off to the Heathcock in Llandaff so that she could continue to enjoy the comforts of a traditional pub?
Now, they're castigating the new judge for giving Microsoft a slap on the wrist.