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One gamer's gluttonous consumption of paranormal action adventure will match another's castigation.
Sri Lanka said it upholds Commonwealth values and has never sought their change and Baird s comment in justifying Canada's action is a castigation of the organization as a whole and believes that the wider Commonwealth stands in solidarity against such manipulations.
For all her castigation of Congress, she has also lashed out at the BJP, aware that Bengal's many Muslim voters have little time for the hardline Hindu nationalist Modi.
That has led to a cycle of fact-checking and castigation that has often put constituents under an unwelcome public glare.
And their task could become all the more harder, given the low morale which the paramilitary FC must be in believably for the wholesale castigation it has been subjected to on one pretext or the other over these times.
CASTIGATION of the unemployed is nothing new when remembering the tirades of abuse directed at those unfortunates, from the LIKES of Peter Lilley and Michael Portillo in the last Tory government.
Countries try to influence the evolution of events in other states all the time, whether it's by giving money or sharing opinions or engaging in public expression of support for one regime and castigation of another regime.
The revelations of Bradley Manning have resulted in similar castigation of whistleblowers.
It was intended as an admonishment of those who'd stopped working in anticipation of the Second Coming, not as a castigation of generic non-workers.
The defendant also told the court that he had been jailed, along with his son and daughter's husband, in harsh conditions while his reputation had been subject to castigation and had been tarnished while he had been locked up.
RATHER than the relentless castigation of smokers, it's about time the Government paid more attention to the ongoing problem of alcohol abuse, particularly among the young.
The report further said that Barcelona is waiting to see if there are any long-term consequences of Kompany's publicly castigation by manager Roberto Mancini after playing for Belgium in a World Cup qualifier the previous Tuesday against Macedonia.