Casting vote

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CASTING VOTE, legislation. The vote given by the president or speaker of a deliberate assembly; when the votes of the other members are equal on both sides, the casting vote then decides the question. Dane's Ab. h.t. CASTRATION, crim. law. The act of gelding. When this act is maliciously performed upon a man, it is a mayhem, and punishable as such, although the sufferer consented to it.
     2. By the ancient law of England this crime was punished by retaliation, membrum pro membro. 3 Inst. 118. It is punished in the United States generally by fine and imprisonment. The civil law punished it with death. Dig. 48, 8, 4, 2. For the French law, vide Code Penal, art. 316. 3. The consequences of castration, when complete, are impotence and sterility. 1 Beck's Med. Jur. 72.

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Mr Huxtable used his casting vote in favour of the resolution to approve his own remuneration.
A statement from Dublin chairman John Costello yesterday explained spirit behind the Dublin bye-law and suggested why Harrington used his casting vote against Fennell: "As the GAA is community centred, based on the allegiance of its members to their local clubs, the object of which is to promote the Association's aims at local level, the transfer rules in the Official Guide and this bye-law reflect that ethos.
However, when judge Bruno Tonioli chose to save Wilding and his partner Aliona Vilani, Goodman was left with the casting vote.
The Act has introduced a new requirement that shareholder resolutions must be taken by either a simple majority at a meeting of members or by written resolution - removing the ability of a chairman to exercise a casting vote in the event of a deadlock.
The legal team ruled the casting vote was made on behalf of the entire committee and that the overdevelopment reason would remain.
We checked and re-checked the votes, but it still came down to a casting vote.
The legal basis of the casting vote is found in section 49 of the Constitution Act (BNA Act), 1867.
Earlier the Assembly's presiding officer defended his decision to use his casting vote to defeat the business statement after the initial vote was tied on Tuesday.
Or did he vote against the proposal in the knowledge that it would be decided by the chairman's casting vote, and that Rob Hughes would use his casting vote to force the rule change through?
The Democratic Party of Japan, Japanese Communist Party, Liberal Party and Social Democratic Party agreed in the morning they would submit the motion calling for Hatoyama's dismissal if the first motion was voted down at the steering committee by the casting vote of the chairman.
It was only the casting vote of Bank of England Governor "Steady" Eddie George that kept rates down.
Nowshera -- Reports have emerged from Nowshera, Lakki Marwat and some adjacent areas of conservative province of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa where local elders and clerics have asked women to avoid casting vote in by-elections.