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What he gets instead is Aykroyd trying to talk casually about ancient Greeks and a stiff, awkward mixture of casualness and gloom.
Very smooth touchdown,' Aldrin reported with cool casualness shortly afterwards.
Implying neither struggle nor casualness, they seem more the products of someone who has no difficulty getting into a groove.
The crowd took the opportunity to strip off their shirts and jackets and bask in the brilliant sunshine, their casualness reflected in the lack of showy hats on view.
Blending classic Florida architecture with the new Miami Beach spirit, the interior design of the hotel will be a colorful blend of Latin American styles, the casualness of the Caribbean, and the romance and sophistication of South Florida.
Gross strongly believes that the trend to casualness is here to stay.
The result is wonderfully uncanny, all the more so because of the almost reckless casualness of Ryman's hand, which moves with lyric uncertainty over the surface of the paper, marking it to give meaning but with no certainty of what that meaning might be.
It's 90 minutes door to door," he mentions with a casualness sure to infuriate those racegoers who know how long it can take to escape the car-park queues each night.
Its vibe of intimacy and casualness is absorbing, and its strengths lie in a wealth of lucky-break moments: a stoned, disheveled Newcombe trying to torture a Phil Spector-esque masterpiece from his cheap four-track recorder or brawling with his bandmates onstage; Taylor preening for the camera and racking his brain for reasons why he might deserve his exfriend's abuse.
Kim loved Nick in real time, alive and kicking, for the strength of his melody, sultry casualness, and romantic honesty even amidst the wrangling of personal demons.
And, finally, to complement this carefree casualness comes a collection of shoes and accessories - a wide variety of mules and sandals and the latest fashion bags including skate bags, backpacks and simple flap overs.
Current market values of six and seven figures have largely eradicated such casualness.