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His remarks casuistically stretch the meaning of method: historical casuistry depends upon expert agreement while denial casuistry privileges individual conclusions.
Interestingly, invoking Watt's testimony cuts against Irving's dismissal of historical consensus; enlisting Watt in his cause casuistically stretches his own position on historical method in order to suit his interests.
Construing the current, bottom-up consensus among historians as top-down, "official" dogma casuistically stretches the former in ways both untrue and unhelpful.
Taking the matter to court casuistically stretches the process of academic research into an adversarial one.
In this light, the collusion of the duke and the lady appears as a commentary on the difference between the reign of Charles I and the Protectorate, in which the law can never be infused with romance but must instead be casuistically manipulated by royalists.
Which defects make a marriage fasid and which batil is decided casuistically, with some controversy on details.
32) This double law has two strands: firstly, the necessary law of nations which is the strict, unmodified application of natural law to the states-system; and secondly, the voluntary law of nations which is the application of natural law casuistically adjusted for the political realities of the states-system.
For in my view he in no way exemplifies the manner in which this question should be treated, philosophically and casuistically and as an ethical problem.
The title suggested my approach of doubting, debunking, casuistically stretching positions, and generally suggesting that if this new consubstantiality was pushed, Burke would probably sue.
One has the impression that physicians and theologians recognize both the inevitability of and the problems with forgoing life-sustaining treatment, but want nonetheless to have it handled unsystematically, nonpublicly, and casuistically.