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6 Catachresis is often, though not necessarily, metaleptic.
Nonetheless, there is a proper name for this sort of improper act of naming: namely, catachresis.
The passage in which this sentence appears is central to Gareth Comwell's astute reading of allegory and catachresis in "He and His Man" (Cornwell 2007: esp.
Dogmatic works included polemics against various heresies and heretics, the compendious Catachresis (Editor: the misapplication of a word or phrase) (a defence of principal Trinitarian tenets), and a Platonic Dialogue between himself and Macrina, whose Life he also composed--"A gem of hagiography" (Johannes Quasten).
Long live the catachresis of our lives in New Jersey and Troy and in wandering eraser fluid and books of many naked devices
Drift in a word's meaning over time is called catachresis (Bryson 1990, p.
The qualities conveyed by "quiet thunderclap" and "abrupt" are signs of a peculiar state: much like the vanishing of Rosa's voice, the catachresis of "quiet thunderclap" signals the astonishing cessation of the thunder before it sounds--the paradoxical condition of an event that interrupts itself.
I call these calques catachresticalques, after the Greek-derived rhetorical term catachresis, as defined, in one of its senses, as 'an incorrect use of a word, either from a misinterpretation of its etymology or a folk etymology.
Not only with respect to its affirmative stance towards the shame/abjection that awaits us in sex, but in general and overall, queer theoretic work seeks and values paradox, contradiction, catachresis, crisis.
An even more revelatory catachresis of the words "telling" and "tales"--implicitly acknowledged by Brakhage's use of quotation marks--appeared in a theoretical text of 1993:
112) Using my Derridean catachresis, they are the "smugglers.
5] As for the potter, for Updike and Baker after him, the diseased skin and the surface of the art form a single text, a palimpsest in which seme can compensate for or write over soma, a catachresis in which literal and signifying mark are not in type distinguishable; stigmatization is also a catachresis as it begins as a writing on the skin, in which symbolic and literal marking out are not distinguished.