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Ignoring the implications of continuing, unconstrained aerial attacks on civilians demonstrating no political will to ensure significant consequences for those responsible repeats the errors of the past, with yet again cataclysmically destructive potential.
The Family Fang--and, really, I cannot believe I am about to type this--is almost a mash-up of The Addams Family and The Man Who Loved Children, Christina Stead's sharp, unblinking look at the politics of a cataclysmically broken family.
With fewer reporters, the argument goes, the first to vanish are the stories that tell readers what elected officials do when they aren't cataclysmically clashing and why the readers should care.
He said that there was a time when people from all age group used to buy average 20 eid cards per person but the trend has changed cataclysmically in the recent years.
However, very little research has been done on cataclysmically disrupted drug markets and the impact they have on drug users who are displaced.
You cannot walk 50 yards in this city without coming walking into something cataclysmically important historically or culturally, but the suburbs are fascinating as well as the city centre.
As has been painfully and cataclysmically demonstrated in these past months, this inequality means the relationship between these two sectors changed; and, as a consequence, catastrophic imbalances resulted.
Initially, Sherburne was "most cataclysmically attracted to prehistoric Minoan wares from Crete, with their swelling bellies, small feet, beautifully curvaceous patterning and brushstrokes, the elegance of Song Dynasty pots, the colors and patterns of Persian pots, and the beautiful painting of Italian majolica".
Here, the feeling of deja vu that this scene invokes by way of the lighter encapsulates the accumulation of mnemonic reoccurrences that predate this moment as no longer merely coincidental but rather as cataclysmically incidental in revealing the veracity of Hyun-Bin as the reincarnated Tae-Hee.
I guess it's because we're all so pre-occupied with names, scans, shovelling in folic acid, etc that we rarely dwell on just how cataclysmically our lives will change as soon as our lovely little dependents arrive.
It's easy enough to make out the mugs of Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner in Silton's work On the Beach, 2006-2007, but you might not be familiar with the 1964 film from which it borrows its title and underlying image--a tale of postapocalyptic survivors in the Southern Hemisphere coming to grips with their cataclysmically jumbled relationships and realities while awaiting the slow doom of radiation poisoning via fallout drifting down from the already annihilated north.