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The most often quoted statement of the "objects and means" of library catalogs was made by the renowned Charles Ami Cutter (1904) in his setting forth of cataloging rules in a systematic manner.
After working closely with Environmental Defense's Alliance for Environmental Innovation for a year and a half, the company in 2001 began printing their three titles--totaling roughly 80 million catalogs annually--on paper with a minimum 10 percent post-consumer content.
We imagine the day when the descriptions of US products introduced into the military supply system will be downloaded directly into federal as well as NATO catalogs and freely exchanged between companies which are both buyers and sellers of products.
The intolerable aspect of seed catalogs is their pretense to perfection.
Supreme Court upheld the imposition of a use tax On a Louisiana-based retailer that produced and mailed catalogs to Louisiana residents from outside the state.
Clerical functions changed from typing, filing, and maintenance of card catalogs, to the input, editing, filing, and maintenance of machine-readable records in both bibliographic utility and in-house databases.
They also use print advertising (67%), radio (38%) and catalogs (33%) to reach black consumers.
The catalogs feature a simple user interface combined with a sophisticated relational database and rich multimedia effects.
Catalogs, originally filled with utilitarian stuff such as washing machines and farm implements, are now slick, fashion-savvy publications promoting luxury gifts such as furs and jewels, custom-made dog clothes, toddler toys with real motors and themed travel packages for adults who want to run away from home.
Three key technologies to support these requirements are union catalogs, distributed search, and cross-database linkage systems.
com), leader in contextual search and smart online catalogs, is partnering with The Catalog Consultancy, a full service mail order, Internet and direct marketing consulting organization, to forge a new channel in the US, helping retail clients increase their online sales conversion rates to double digit ranges.
com/reports/c47986) has announced the addition of The Directory of Mail Order Catalogs with Business to Business Catalogs 2007 Edition to their offering.

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