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Paige Andrew, Susan Moore and Mary Larsgaard are internationally well-known librarians, published authors, and map cataloguers.
These examples will be familiar to cataloguers who have used Cartographic Materials: A Manual of Interpretation for AACR2 as they are identical to those found in that manual.
Best practices that have long been applied to cartographic resources by cataloguers are also suggested as an option.
Appendix E and Appendix G may prove to be the most appealing to map cataloguers.
Cataloguers they contend can trace their ancestry as first service professional whose functions and requirements are well established, defined and understood (Parchuck, et.
The activities expected of cataloguer, they emphasised were the core skills of cataloguers: original cataloguing, authority control, copy cataloguing, descriptive and subject cataloguing.
Therefore the continuous production of literary resources is an indicator that the skill of cataloguers would remain relevant and needed.
She however acknowledged that while some of the problems and challenges are new, "many are the very ones cataloguers have been dealing with for century: description, controlled vocabulary, multiple versions, subject analysis, data definition, record structure, metadata, etc.
CrossMedia Services is well-positioned to capitalize on that surge in spending with clients across multiple industries and representing a broad cross-section of regional and national hard-line, soft-line and grocery retailers, cataloguers and industrial companies.