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About Catapult Systems Catapult Systems is an IT consulting company offering a full spectrum of services including application development, software integration, infrastructure, managed services, user centered design solutions and enterprise mobile applications.
Mustin made the first catapult launch from a moving ship, the armored cruiser USS Carolina (ACR 12), in Pensacola Bay, according to Evans.
Press Contact: Caylee Rose Marketing Communications Manager Catapult Systems 512-225-6944
Strategic storytelling catapults clients to market leadership
The latest member of the Catapult family also adds automated power analysis capabilities.
As a recognized leader in advanced IC design methodologies, STs decision to develop, certify and distribute Catapult C Synthesis libraries as part of their standard ASIC design kit represents a powerful endorsement of our product family's quality and maturity among electronic system level (ESL) design tools," said Simon Bloch, general manager of the Design Creation and Synthesis division for Mentor Graphics.
David has been with Catapult Systems for over six years and previously served as Group Vice President.
Pioneer selected the Catapult C Synthesis tool based on the superior design productivity, ease of use and the track record of this product after comparing it with other high-level synthesis tools.
It's nice to recognize milestones and achievement, and to thank all of the colleagues, partners and clients we have worked with during the past 13 years," said Guy Murrel, co-founder of Catapult PR-IR.
SANYO chose the Catapult C Synthesis tool based on quality of results, time savings, ease of use, product maturity, and the tool's compatibility with the company's C/C++ design flow.
CHICAGO, March 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Catapult Chicago (Catapult), a new collaborative community for startup companies, is pleased to announce it has taken up residence at 321 North Clark Street and opened its doors to Chicago-based entrepreneurs leading high potential startups in the technology space.
These extensions enable the Catapult C Synthesis tool to automatically create SystemC transaction-level models and wrappers, allowing designers to rapidly explore architectural tradeoffs and simulate their designs 20X to 100X faster than traditional register transfer level (RTL) using verification environments that support SystemC, like Mentor's ModelSim.