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He said: "Injured horses rarely showed evidence of significant pre-existing conditions, farriery work or a medication history that might be traditionally regarded as risk factors for catastrophic injury.
However, responses in catastrophic events substantially deviate from conventional emergency plans or protocols because of the size or uniqueness of the event.
Be prepared for any possible catastrophic neck injury.
The dollar costs of catastrophic wildfires are so high that we literally cannot afford to depend solely on agencies like the Forest Service to save us.
Consequently, disruptions in the availability or affordability of property insurance seriously undermines the real estate finance industry by shifting catastrophic property-damage risk from the insurance industry to the real estate finance industry, which has not priced such risk into its product offering, noted the MBA white paper.
2) If you lack health insurance, look for a catastrophic policy you can afford.
There is nothing in this letter that gives Senator Boxer any comfort that a catastrophic earthquake in California would be handled any better than Katrina,'' Boxer spokeswoman Natalie Ravitz said.
By arming themselves with the knowledge they need to understand and manage catastrophic risk, companies can more accurately gauge the full spectrum of potential catastrophic risk they face, the financial impact those risks pose and their own abilities to handle that impact.
Despite steps that governments and insurers have taken in recent years to strengthen insurer capacity for catastrophic risk, the industry has not been tested by a major catastrophic event or series of events (at least $50 billion or more in insured losses).
She adds to the expertise of the national catastrophic injury team, and will be working alongside partners Warren Collins in the London office, and Lesley Casey in the Altrincham office.
However, the distribution of health expenditure is highly skewed towards the top (1) and it is precisely at this high end that expenditures may become catastrophic from an individuals perspective albeit the definition of catastrophic expenditure is debatable both at the individual and collective level (2).
Catastrophic failures in grinders and shredders can cost enormous amounts of time and money to repair, not to mention the opportunity costs of the down time.

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