catch sight of

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This Nobel Prize,"the captain said, nailing a gold medal, a commendation and 10 million Swedish kronor to the ship's mast, "I shall share with the first man to catch sight of the bosun.
Summary: Astronomers are getting their telescopes ready to catch sight of a speeding ball of rock which will fly past the Earth on Tuesday night.
QUEUES: Crowds of fans gathered at Liverpool One RACE: Fans run up the street at Liverpool One to catch sight of One Direction Pictures: PAUL HEAPS FOUND: One Direction sign copies of their new book BIGGEST FAN: Below, one girl holds a sign up for the boys
No sooner had we walked inside did Dave catch sight of the president's dog Barney," the Telegraph quoted Cheney as writing in an extract of his book 'In My Time' that was leaked to the Daily Caller website.
We catch sight of rooftops at Kirbymoorside in the distance and soon pass houses on the left including one with the lettering "Sunnyside 1933".
Now that I've seen a kingfisher in the States, I'm desperate to catch sight of one here in the UK.
THOUSANDS of people braved the wet weather to catch sight of the Durham Tattoo.
But with a second washout summer in a row, Murphy's eyes are looking enviously to overseas, where increasingly Irish people are fleeing to catch sight of the sun.
Every photographer hopes to catch sight of a wardrobemal function, so that they can sell pictures of bits of my anatomy indiscreetly popping out" - TV's Esther Rantzen.
For seven years, I've been watching them run," laments the eponymous recluse (Christina Ricci) after the latest batch of potential suitors catch sight of her porcine nose - the family curse - and run for the hills.