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Catchily they called it the Tidy Sidey, but neither extreme-pouting Nick nor extremely fed up Lord Sugar were buying their pitch.
Renault have responded to the appearance of these new kids on the block by giving their catchily named city car the Twingo a much-needed facelift.
The asteroid, catchily named DA14, came within 17,000 miles of our planet.
The catchily named and trendy looking Mokka is aimed at people with an active lifestyle and comes with a choice of either two or fourwheel-drive.
9 It's no surprise to see this summer's sporting gravy train hit the console shelves, as the catchily titled London 2012: The Official Video Game Of The Olympic Games gives gamers the chance to create their very own moments of sporting history.
But the 33-year-old concedes he could be tempted to compete in the final event, the not-so catchily titled Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic at Disneyworld from October 20-23, if Simpson overtakes him.
The 'no-nonsense' channel, catchily dubbed Saving You Money (SYMTV), gives punters a platform for their top tips on defying the downturn - things like how to save on petfood and lower your grocery bill simultaneously by turning your pet pooch into a pie.
They vacillate between the catchily commercial (``Like a Friend''), artificial down-tempo (``Never Forget'') and mainstream trance (``Connected'' from the Motorola TV spot).
As for the hardware, MeterNet's catchily named wb8680L runs on a Cyrix processor and boasts Ethernet connectivity.
The catchily named high street electrical retailer's festive advertising campaign tells us of all the bargains we can bag - including TVs measuring 24in or 27in and then describes them as 'perfect second televisions.
or a "3-in-1 stroller, pram and carry-cot" as they catchily call them now.
So Renault have given their catchily named city car the Twingo a much-needed facelift.