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Although the statue of the Indian boy doesn't have the catchiness of the Liberty Bell, and Van Nuys certainly isn't Philadelphia, a message about volunteerism coming from that venue would make a lot more sense to Angelenos and those of us here in the Valley - the ``home of volunteerism.
It's a fast-paced, manic ride of a song, but its catchiness and energy make it endearing.
However, veteran 'Phonics fans hankering for the catchiness of earlier tracks like Local Boy In The Photograph and A Thousand Trees can rest easy, Graffiti On The Train not having completely eschewed that formative pop suss - the "driving with the top down" melody of first single Indian Summer being a case in point.
TOP CAT:THE MOVIE (3D) 90mins U SECOND only to The Flintstones in its infuriating catchiness, the Top Cat theme tune has seared into millions of young brains since the show first aired in 1961.
Now with tuneful but sadfaced goth icon Smith of The Cure's vocal, the angular synths and melodic catchiness make their mark more clearly.
It's still going to be a hit, don't get me wrong, it just doesn't have the catchiness that In My Head had.
As far as personal favorites go, Harcourt loves the cynicism and catchiness of the track "We Hate it When Our Friends Become Successful," off the EP of the same name).
There is a lot different about this album but one thing that has stayed is the catchiness, the singalong thing.
The lengthy Try is my current favourite, not unlike Beartown in its catchiness though no circus inferences in this case.
Then comes Can i Gymry entry Digon, which rivals Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out Of My Head for catchiness, and includes a completely over-the-top Axl Rose-type guitar solo for good measure.
But craziness only encourages the catchiness of this pop number, produced by Tim Armstrong from American rock outfit Rancid.
There's a catchiness to the band's hook-laden songs that boosts the more aggressive musicality.