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These catchy slogans must also convey the main motto of the campaign.
She's since come back down to Earth and delivered ``Anything,'' an 11-track collection of block-party anthems, sultry grooves, electronica and power pop so catchy it will rattle around in your head for days.
There are plenty of catchy hooks - Keep Love As Your Golden Rule is simply a delight - and sweeping orchestration climaxes on the epic My Eyes Are Sore, which manages to stay the sweet side of kitsch with great swathes of syrupy vocal.
Maybe it's the catchy title: It comes from a joke that begins, "A panda walks into a cafe" The panda orders a sandwich, eats it, and then fires a gun into the air.
Be warned: The tunes are so catchy, you may find your folks and younger siblings singing along (www.
Subsections with catchy titles, such as "Build Your House," "Understand The Season," and "Walk, Don't Run," give readers additional insight and focus.
AFTER his Sinatra period, Robbie returns to what he does best cheeky and catchy pop/rock.
HER HIT: The catchy dance tune "AM to PM" from her self-titled debut album available this August.
Although green maps are locally developed, a globally shared set of 125 visually catchy icons unites all maps, making them easily recognizable worldwide.
It may not sound sexy, catchy or exciting, but it is sound, important and absolutely necessary for the health of NAMA.
Instrumental Version, 2001, featured a more formal group, the Chamber Choir of Lisbon, performing an a cappella version of "The Robots," an old electronic favorite from Kraftwerk's 1978 album Man Machine that, though influential and catchy, has always been kind of ridiculous.
But the Ed Dunlop-trained filly Ranin, rated one of the main dangers, may tackle the Lancashire Oaks instead, with stablemate Catchy Word the more likely challenger at the Esher track.