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133) It was based not only on the mysteries of the rosary but also on Doctrina Christan of 1592, the Jesuits' catechistic textbook of the Japanese mission.
Although Ratke's pedagogy is designed for children, the language used has the syntactical features of technical language (Fachsprache), clearly that of the adult, knowledgeable authority, and the catechistic form requires the learner simply to accept this definition exactly as it is--even though it is expressed in a variety of German of which no young child has a command.
More innovatively, there is a similar catechistic exchange regarding mineral collecting, giving advice on topics like judging mineral aesthetics, specialization, the commercial mineral market, minerals as investments, and curation.
And then, Wilbur's actual religion is apparently a complex matter, as he once stated in an interview: "I'm afraid I'm not very catechistic," and "what doesn't particularly interest me is the Creed, although I find that I can say it.
In Women in Colonial Spanish American Literature, Julie Greer Johnson explains: "During the first hundred years of Spain's presence in the New World, the Church controlled the development of theater, and the dramatization of the relationship between the sexes in catechistic plays was often presented for the edification of women" (147).
The catechistic discourse makes visible the limits of the binary structure that organizes the production of identities.
In this catechistic moment, she stresses the pedagogical component of the Epistle.
Urging them to "awake" their "faith" so that Hermione may also awaken, Paulina evokes not only the apostle who is her namesake but also Christ's catechistic disposition toward Mary in John 20 (5.
Over this period, they saw an opportunity for a complete renewal of the catechistic methods based on the principles of the Ecole active.
27) On the question of official obedience to law, the tendency of intuitionism, and hence of Substantivism, is exactly the same as that of catechistic Positivism: namely, to hold that important legal roles are Kadish-style recourse roles.
Consequently, Orthodox Russian theological and catechistic discourses valorized the manifestation of saintliness via objectifying practices available to the public gaze much more so than was true in the West, where, along the lines of Michel Foucault's History of Sexuality (1978), an entire technology of the self eventually grew out of the confessional focus on individual interiors.
69) It is true that, without a codex duly written and recognized by the Yezidis themselves, it is futile to risk piecing together something of a catechistic nature.