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Such a bifurcation plan may not be efficient, but it would not violate the Reexamination Clause, so long as issue preclusive effect is given to the findings catechized in the initial jury's special verdict.
It begs the question: if consecrated religious don't already know the point of their vocational existence, what makes them think that a bunch of inadequately catechized laypeople will know?
says they may have assisted at the altar (with episcopal approval), but clearly catechized younger women, prepared rural women for baptism, preached, and read the Gospel (having received the orarium).
They provided poor relief, worked in hospitals, and catechized in rural parishes.
I know this is an unpopular view, one that goes against the commonly accepted wisdom that young people in their 20s and 30s arc the most poorly catechized Catholics in recent history, or perhaps ever.
Only Wren and Pierce suppressed afternoon sermons, while Laud allowed them if preachers first catechized.
Some of them changing churches; some of them ideologically different from their parents and their grandparents; poorly catechized, not practicing their faith, and so forth.
First, that the Church in North America is shrinking faster than you can say "Lord, have mercy" and second, that much of that shrinkage is due to generations of poorly catechized Catholics.
Properly catechized or not, the eunuch stops at the first oasis and asks Philip to baptize him.
But what good does it serve to create legions of catechized children who grow up to be lethargic, uninvolved, or "retired" Catholics?
Thus Lambert shows that, while perfectae catechized women and prepared them for the consolamentum, women never held positions in the Cathar hierarchy and did not participate in public debates.
On the whole, this is a clear, concise, balanced, illuminating, and monumental work that is a "must" buy for libraries and those interested in the development of baptism and/or seeking to learn how the early Fathers preached and catechized the themes contained in Jesus' baptism in order to instill a greater participation in Christ's prophetic mission.