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It is the quantity and chronological distribution of these works, and of course what they have to say about the theory and practice of catechizing, which informs the book's first part on the medium of catechizing.
Compulsory religious education in Virginia was enforced by requiring each churchwarden to take a monthly oath that he was not delinquent in catechizing the young.
What passes with Reston is the bluff diction of the hedge-school master catechizing his audience on the verities:
As religious brothers and priests you are engaged in a great variety of apostolic activities: proclaiming the word of God, administering the sacraments, teaching, catechizing, caring for the sick, assisting the poor and orphans, exercising charity, serving by prayer and sacrifice, building up the local communities to reflect the Gospel and embody the Kingdom of God.
And while we must not deny the extraordinary contributions of the mother, when it comes to protection, to teaching, to catechizing, there is something about the father" (p.
The Lima archives are full of legal supplications from indios ladinos calling on the archbishop to remove priests who, they claimed, hindered the catechizing of the people by not knowing the local dialects.
the biggest ministerial challenge for all Catholics, he said, is catechizing the young.
Catechizing, or teaching, became paramount because the Christian citizens of Geneva were expected to have more than a passing acquaintance with holy scripture and the doctrines of the Reformed faith.
She could also have mentioned opportunities for scholarship in the development of popular Reformed, Lutheran, and Radical piety, such as the various movements to establish conventicles, family worship, catechizing, and the growing popular transition from image to print dominance in Protestant societies, with the attendant remarkable growth in popular literacy.
The others are on subjects ranging from medieval catechizing to medieval cats.
Pedro was the lone companion of San Vitores on that Saturday morning of April 2, 1672, in the village of Tumhon in Guam, catechizing and baptizing the natives.
Religious education should be not just for kids but for the whole family and with a deliberate focus on evangelizing and catechizing the family, Brennan said.